Grid List

DATE ISSUED: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 @ 12:00 LST (16:00 UTC)

VALID UNTIL: Thursday midday (12:00 LST) March 30, 2017


Today: Fair to partly cloudy with isolated showers possible.

Tonight through Thursday midday: Fair to partly cloudy with brief isolated showers possible.

Forecast High: 29°C / 84°F             Forecast Low: 26°C / 79°F

Sunset Today: 6:25 P.M.                 Sunrise Tomorrow: 6:09 A.M.


Today: Generally variable with a light air to gentle breeze of 01 to 04 mph, becoming calm at times.

Tonight through Wednesday midday: Northerly with a light air to gentle breeze of 03 to 11 mph

A low pressure system north of the region will continue to cause a light to gentle and variable wind flow across the local area. Patches of clouds drifting within this flow could produce brief isolated showers during this forecast period.

Seas are expected to peak near 5 feet before deteriorating on Thursday due to northeasterly swells.

STATE OF THE SEA: Slight to moderate       WAVES/SWELLS: 3 to 5 feet


Daniel Gibbs and Victor Banks at a recent July 14 celebration.


ANGUILLA--With the election of Daniel Gibbs as the next President of the Territorial Council of St. Martin, and with Victor Banks the Chief Minister in Anguilla, it is interesting to know that the two are cousins. Banks’ grandparents are Daniel’s great grandparents.

  Banks told The Daily Herald, “I am happy to know that my cousin and his team were overwhelmingly successful in the last election for the Presidency of the Collectivité of St. Martin.

It was reported in Tuesday’s paper that Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Christophe Emanuel signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Adopt-a-Stop SXM for 60 solar-panelled bus shelters. The news must have sounded like music to the ears of both public transportation users and alternative energy proponents.

However, few pertinent details were given, such as the possible cost to taxpayers. The release also said nothing about using the electricity to be produced by the panels, except that some of the shelters will be equipped with USB ports for people to charge their devices.

That question is especially relevant considering the current project of local utilities provider GEBE to cover the two parking lots along Walter Nisbeth Road (on the Pondfill) with solar roofs to produce sustainable energy. The transfer of the land in question was said to be required, but Emanuel did not see why.

It’s not clear whether the bus stops idea has anything to do with the latter, but no mention was made of GEBE including the expected output in its public grid. That seems a bit strange, especially as it regards a Government-owned company.

Surely, generating solar power at so many locations just to charge electronic devices doesn’t appear to make much sense and would probably be a considerable waste of valuable resources. Again, with little information available, it is too early to judge the plans and they thus deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Hopefully the Minister can enlighten the public a bit during today’s weekly press briefing, because up to now he has raised more questions than provided answers.

Exactly one month before they are to take place, voters in Curaçao still don’t know whether the elections scheduled for April 28 will continue. The recently installed MFK/KdNT/PS/MP/Braam government that was supposed to have an interim status insists on delaying the vote until the European Court reacts to a complaint against the manner in which the outgoing Koeiman Cabinet had dissolved Parliament and called a snap election, despite the existence of a new majority.

However, a national decree adopted last Friday for that purpose would have to be signed into law by Governor Lucille George-Wout to become effective. She may instead send it to the Kingdom Council of Ministers for annulment and the latter is likely to comply, considering the position of Dutch Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk that there was nothing wrong with allowing the dissolution of the legislature.

The Supreme Electoral Council has meanwhile been instructed to cease its preparations for an early return to the polls by ministerial decree of Administration, Planning and Service Minister Norberto Ribeiro. The Council now intends to appeal this order via an Administrative Justice LAR procedure.

In addition, hundreds of citizens have joined a class action suit to be filed in local court, demanding the elections continue as planned. After all, expectations were created, while 14 candidate lists had been submitted and the applicable fees paid.

Eight parties with current representation in Parliament qualified automatically, but the other six needed to go through a pre-election round in which three obtained enough voter support to be on the ballot. Stopping the election at this late stage is seen especially by them as highly unfair and failing to meet commitments made.

One thing’s for sure. All this back and forth, similar to what happened in St. Maarten at the end of 2015, is definitely not promoting public confidence in the political process on the islands, which is already at a low point.

Simply put, it’s bad for democracy.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados--Concerns are being raised about possible environmental damage as a result of the construction of Sandals Royal Barbados Resort, the new all-suite property that began as an expansion of the company’s existing resort.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana--With government’s April 1 deadline approaching for the ban on all used tyres, members of the Guyana Used Tyre Association (GUTA) met with media operatives Friday at the Georgetown Club to address their concerns with this new measure.

According to the Association, a protest against the initiative has been scheduled for today, Tuesday, March 28.

GUTA Public Relations Coordinator Nizam Hussain outlined several reasons why used tyres should not be banned in Guyana, including the fact that other countries around the world have the option to use “used” or “new” tyres.

Some other reasons were that “presently there is no minimum requirement for a tyre in law, in Guyana,” the “cost of new tyres will increase the cost for public transportation” and while there are exemptions against truck tyres and agricultural machinery tyres, none exist for cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), among other modes of transportation.

The Association posited that the revenues generated by “good used tyres” are in excess of GYD $100 million (US $489,000) annually, but with the ban in effect that figure would be halved.

Moreover, members of the GUTA asserted that the “used tyre industry” allows employment of about 5,000 young people across the country.

Referring to the recently suspended parking meter project, media operatives were told that once again no countrywide consultation had been done on this policy.

Instead of banning used tyres in general the Association suggested that the Bureau of Standards should be equipped with “new technology to differentiate between ‘good used tyres’ and ‘substandard new tyres’ in the market.”

They maintained that if the policy to ban used tyres is implemented, there will be a significant increase in “worn tyre use” on the roads due to the high cost of new tyres. This, they believe, will inevitably lead to more accidents on the road.

During the National Budget 2016 presentation, Finance Minister Winston Jordan announced Government’s intention to ban the importation of used tyres, in a noted effort to promote the “green economy” and protect the environment.

Opposition Leader Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo had commented on this measure, noting that the banning of used tyres will significantly put hundreds of poor Guyanese at a disadvantage, as well as force many businesses out of operation. ~ iNews Guyana ~

DETROIT--General Motors Co on Tuesday rejected a proposal by billionaire investor David Einhorn to split its common stock into two classes to help boost its share price.

DETROIT--China's Tencent Holdings Ltd has bought a 5 percent stake in U.S. electric car maker Tesla Inc for $1.78 billion, the latest investment by a Chinese internet company in the potentially lucrative market for self-driving vehicles and related services.

CHICAGO--A paralyzed man in Cleveland fed himself mashed potatoes for the first time in eight years, aided by a computer-brain interface that reads his thoughts and sends signals to move muscles in his arm, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

NEW YORK--Seven young contestants from around the United States put their best and smelliest shoe forward at the 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest in New York City on Tuesday.

NEW YORK--Officials from so-called sanctuary cities met in New York on Tuesday to discuss their response to threats from the Trump administration to cut off some funding to cities and states that fail to assist federal authorities in arresting illegal immigrants.

WASHINGTON--President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an order to undo Obama-era climate change regulations, keeping a campaign promise to support the coal industry and calling into question U.S. support for an international deal to fight global warming.

SYDNEY--Australia's army and emergency workers headed to areas of tropical Queensland state hardest hit by Cyclone Debbie on Wednesday, finding roads blocked by fallen trees, sugarcane fields flattened and widespread damage in coastal towns.
  No deaths were reported after Debbie tore a trail of destruction through Australia's northeast on Tuesday as a category four storm, one rung below the most dangerous wind speed level, before being gradually downgraded to a tropical low.

PARIS--A French court sent Carlos the Jackal, once one of the world's most wanted criminals, back to jail for his third life sentence on Tuesday after convicting him of a grenade attack 42 years ago on a Paris shop that killed two people.

ST. THOMAS--Team Island water World from St. Maarten competed in the St. Thomas Regatta over the weekend.

AMSTERDAM- - Italy recovered from an early own goal to beat the Netherlands 2-1 away in a friendly on Tuesday and cap a miserable few days for the hosts who sacked manager Danny Blind at the weekend.

Dear Editor,

Please allow me a few words to praise your recent post regarding posting early-warning flags at beaches to help avert future tragic loss of life, such as occurred recently at Mullet Bay.

Your plan is brilliant; in addition to creating local jobs for life guards, with minimal additional cost to the Government they could ask/require existing beach businesses to merely check to see which flag should be posted for the day as a Beach Danger Warning, and do so. I would suggest supplementing this plan with an additional flag being posted at each beach area. Please follow along with me.

I am not a resident, but a long-time visitor to your (my) island, having spent over 60 weeks on-island over these years. I am fully aware of online discussion boards, where the subject of beach water pollution surfaces regularly. These concerns are usually well founded, by personal reports and often with coverage from your newspaper, as you report Nature Foundation findings, or Government warnings, or even simple news stories of sewage running down streets or bubbling up on Backstreet.

Of course, you must continue to report such findings, but what is missing is any reported follow-up. Was that leak resolved? Was that problem solved? Was that finally flushed out to sea? Was the water re-tested? Is it now healthy? That is much harder to find.

As Government (hopefully) implements a Beach Danger Warning flag system, why not also push for a simple Beach Water Quality Warning, alongside the same flags?

Gary W. Taylor


Dear Queenie,

I am married, but I decided to keep my maiden name for professional reasons. My husband has no problem with this, but our question is how should he (and other people) introduce me?

Queenie, should it be Miss or Mrs. Maiden-Name? Or what?—Introduction Etty Ket

Dear Etty Ket,

Your husband can say, “This is my wife First-Name Maiden-Name.”

Other people can say, “This Husband’s-Name’s wife First-Name Maiden-Name.”

Leave the “Miss” or “Mrs.” up to the person to whom you are introduced.

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