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THE HAGUE--Former Chairman of the Consultative Body for Dutch Caribbean persons in the Netherlands Ocan psychiatrist Glenn Helberg is running for Parliament. He is a candidate on the slate of new Article 1 party of Sylvana Simons for the March 15, 2017 Second Chamber elections.

PHILIPSBURG--Audit Team St Maarten (ATS), which was established by Social and Health Insurances SZV in January 2016, has helped the insurance service provider collect more than NAf. 28 million additional in social premiums last year for the various social security funds managed by SZV.

Last night GEBE provided more details about Monday night’s electricity blackout caused by a “shutdown trip command from a sensor” (see related story), after interruptions of service had already occurred both Saturday and Sunday. The thought of a possibly faulty signal practically paralyzing the entire country is a bit disconcerting, but safety and securing the vital equipment obviously have priority.

More outages on Tuesday were said to be the result of a software glitch. While these explanations will not necessarily satisfy all frustrated customers, they at least provide them with some information and indicate their concerns are being taken seriously.

Many had hoped the frequent power cuts and so-called “load-shedding” near the end of 2016 would become a thing of the past once GEBE’s new engine came on line mid-December. It now appears that was wishful thinking.

Prime Minister William Marlin, in recently announcing that Finance Minister Richard Gibson had gone to Curaçao for talks with the Chinese Consul on the Pearl of China, acknowledged that the project at Belair Beach faced many challenges due to the country’s relatively small size. A reliable and stable energy supply is no doubt one of the main conditions for such a major venture.

It’s important that the Government-owned utilities company can be counted on for such. After all, the greater the demand the more output and consistency in production, including a strong backup system and healthy reserve capacity, will be needed.

Justice Minister Rafael Boasman seems to be on the right track (see Monday paper). For starters, he told the Council for Law Enforcement their opinions will not be taken for granted from now on, because apparently a report on what Government planned to do with handling the recommendations hadn’t been submitted to Parliament since 2014.

Boasman said his office intends to use every bit of expertise available in the country to address the crime situation. That is exactly the correct attitude, also because of a motion passed by Parliament for him to indicate within 60 days how the problem will be tackled.

In addition, the new Minister took a conciliatory tone in his recent meeting with counterparts from the Netherlands, Curaçao and Aruba. He emphasised the need to work together, but called for an end to accusing each other of all kinds of wrongdoings and creating the impression that people in St. Maarten are all a bunch of crooks.

The latter plea should probably be directed most at Dutch parliamentarians, in particular a Second Chamber member whose last name differs from his by only one letter, but the message will no doubt be relayed. Then again, he was told too of the impression existing in The Hague that Philipsburg is not taking the issues involved seriously enough.

It will be up to the Minister to show the contrary, not just with words but through decisive action on pressing matters, such as the fact that the prison director remains in function despite being a suspect in an ongoing vote-buying case.

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada--Damning allegations that a Grenadian family visiting Barbados was manhandled and humiliated by Barbadian police are hurting Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

LONDON, United Kingdom--A British businessman who was investing in several projects in Antigua and Barbuda has been arrested in London in connection with tax fraud in Germany.

LONDON--British American Tobacco has agreed a $49.4 billion takeover of U.S. rival Reynolds American Inc, creating the world's biggest listed tobacco company after it increased an earlier offer by more than $2 billion.

NEW YORK--Morgan Stanley's profit doubled in the fourth quarter as trading activity surged across Wall Street, and the bank said it was on track to reach a number of financial goals set out by Chief Executive James Gorman.

DAVOS, Switzerland--American actor Matt Damon used Davos to drum up support for his water charity, on Tuesday, after getting a new multi-million-dollar commitment from Belgian brewer Stella Artois.

BUDAPEST--Marcelo Cake-Baly came to study in Hungary from wartorn Guinea-Bissau in 1976, and has been working as a tram driver in Budapest for over a decade despite being a trained economist.

LOS ANGELES--One of about a dozen women who previously accused President-elect Donald Trump of making unwanted sexual advances filed a lawsuit against him in New York on Tuesday, alleging he had made false and defamatory statements about her in rejecting the accusation, causing her emotional and economic harm.

WASHINGTON--President Barack Obama on Tuesday shortened the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. military intelligence analyst who was responsible for a 2010 leak of classified materials to anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, the biggest such breach in U.S. history.

LONDON--Britain will quit the EU single market when it leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday in a decisive speech that set a course for a clean break with the world's largest trading bloc.

DAVOS, Switzerland--Chinese President Xi Jinping offered a vigorous defence of globalisation on Tuesday, pushing back against the "America First" rhetoric of incoming U.S. president Donald Trump and signalling Beijing's desire to play a bigger role on the global stage.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC --Team Island Water World sailor Frits Bus will represent St. Maarten in Caribbean International Laser Regatta in Dominican Republic this weekend.

CAY HILL—Registration for the 16th annual Oyster Bay Youth Tennis Championship will be held at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex Tennis Pavilion Friday evening beginning at 7:00pm.    Tennis will be served up Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Dear Queenie,

When you’re talking on the phone and another call comes in (I have “call waiting”) should you answer the second call and tell them you will call back or just ignore it? And if you answer the second call should you put the first caller on hold or tell them you will call back?—Telephone Etty Ket

Dear Etty Ket,

It depends on how important the second call is.

Generally speaking, the person to whom you already are talking takes precedence, so if you take a moment to answer the second call to tell them you will call back you should not keep the first caller waiting for more than minute or two.

And if you absolutely must take the second call immediately, you should apologise to the first caller and then be sure to call them back as soon as possible.

Dear Queenie,

My husband tends to thrash around in his sleep. He waves is arms and kicks his feet and sometimes he hits me and kicks me without even waking up and our sheets are all torn up from his toenails.

He doesn’t know he is doing all this. Even when I showed him the sheets, he wouldn’t believe it was from what he did.

Queenie, I can’t think what is wrong with him. What should I do?—Bruised wife

Dear Bruised wife,

Your husband may have some kind of sleep disorder. Encourage him to go to his doctor for a complete physical exam and to be sure to discuss his sleep problems with the doctor. You might go with him or have a private chat with the doctor before the appointment, in case your husband is less than forthcoming about the problem.

And you might want to consider separate beds and less-delicate bedding for your husband.

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