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Dear Queenie,

  I like to make things out of wood, and a friend of mine who stops by to visit while I am working at it often asks me if I’ll make him something like that for a wedding present, and I always tell him, “When I get an invitation to the wedding.”

  Well, he got married and I didn’t get invited.

  He still stops by sometimes and once when I was making a toy for a child he asked if I would make one for his new baby.

  Queenie, I have never mentioned not being invited to the wedding. How should I answer this?—Insulted


Dear Insulted,

  Just say, “When I get an invitation to his (or her) birthday party.”

  As for the wedding, is it possible that the happy couple had a very small wedding, perhaps family only, possibly for financial reasons that they would prefer not to discuss?

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