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Dear Queenie,

I’m married with a young son, but I feel more like a single mother with 2 children.

My husband got his Bachelor’s degree from a good university, but he has never had a decent job and hasn’t worked at all for the last few years. He doesn’t help around the house or look after our son when school is out and I am still at work, but he is always asking me for money to spend on drinks and lottery tickets which he never wins or to give to his parents who actually make more money than I do.

I would get a divorce, but I worry what would happen to him with no place to live.

Queenie, what is your advice?—Fed-up wife

Dear Wife,

Get the divorce! Your husband is setting a terrible example for your son and you do not want the boy to grow up thinking this is how men are supposed to act.

Hubby can always go to live with his parents if they will have him. If they will not he might just be forced to grow up and act like an adult, in which case you could consider getting back together with him if you are so inclined.


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