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Dear Queenie,

My husband won’t eat anything but dairy products, bread and pasta. He eats cheese and drinks milk, which are healthy enough, but he won’t eat meat or even try fruits or vegetables or any new dish I offer him

Up to now I have managed by making meals that include both the things he will eat and the healthy things I want – he eats the things he likes and leaves the rest. But now we have a baby and I am afraid he will follow his father’s example and grow up to be a picky eater. I worry about his health and his father’s.

Queenie, what do you suggest I do?—Worried mother

Dear Mother,

For the time being you can arrange for your child to eat at a different time than you and your husband, so he does not have a chance to follow his father’s example. You also should consult your family doctor, and maybe a nutritionist, to learn just what elements are necessary for a healthy diet.

There also are cookbooks that specialise in including healthy ingredients in foods for picky eaters, like soups, spaghetti sauces and even desserts.

Finally, your doctor can recommend vitamin supplements – some of which you might even be able to sneak into the picky eaters’ foods, if necessary.


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