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~ MPC hosts Curaçao contingent ~


The students of Milton Peters College (MPC) and Radulphus College have this week taken part in the third annual student exchange program. Some 20 students along with three teachers of Milton Peters College travelled to Curaçao in January to participate in educational and social activities with 20 students and three teachers of Radulphus College.


Those same Radulphus College students and teachers are currently on the island doing the same. Their week started off with the students following classes at Milton Peters College. They also enjoyed steel pan classes, zumba, crossfit, beach swimming, a tour of the St. Maarten port, an island tour, a scavenger hunt in Philipsburg and lots of delicious local food.


The student exchange is a team building project that allows students to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem while exposing them to a different culture and helping them gain experience in controlled independence, all while improving their social skills. The students also integrate into another family and establish life-long friendships as families of MPC students have hosted the travellers at their homes. The Curaçao contingent is set to depart for their home island today.


A couple of MPC students share their thoughts about the experience.


Xavier Doelmoengin (15)

The first day of the student exchange was really awkward. I didn't know what to say, how to act or what to do. My partner and I stayed on our phones the entire time. But as the days went by, we went from being strangers to close friends. This exchange program taught me a lot of things, like how to communicate better, and I even picked up on some Papiamentu. I learnt short sentences like “Bota papia hopi” and “lagi hari.” Since I’m an only child, having someone else in the house is very great. It’s like having a brother. The student exchange program has been a great experience no doubt.


Kimaeyu Mussington (15)

Traveling is always fun, but traveling with a specific purpose is always better. This cultural exchange with Curaçao has been an amazing experience for me, although I'm not the most social person. It taught me many different things such as opening up to new ideas. The goal of this trip was to be able to adapt and adjust to a different culture, and I think we can say that we definitely achieved this!

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