Younger sister

Dear Queenie,

My sister is turning 50 and is going to hold a big party to celebrate this landmark birthday. However, she lives on another island and most of the family will have to travel if they want to be there. That means we will have to pay travel and hotel costs. But the way she is planning the party, there won’t be any food, so we will have to buy our own meals and pay for the drinks at the party.

Queenie, what is your opinion about all this?—Younger sister

Dear Younger sister,

I have to wonder about the phrase “hold a big party”. Usually the person who “holds” a party is considered the host and is expected provide and pay for any food and drinks served at the event. What kind of party is it going to be with no food, and drinks you have to pay for?

It could be that your sister has limited finances and this is the only way she can afford to celebrate her landmark birthday. If her feelings would be hurt if you were not there, please attend (assuming you can afford to do so).

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