Tired employee

Dear Queenie,

  I work in a store that has our business hours clearly posted at the entrance. So why do people come knocking on the doors before we are open? And why do they come running in at the last minute before we close and then take forever to find whatever they came to get?

  Queenie, we still have work to do after we close and we have already had a looong day! What’s the matter with them?—Tired employee

Dear Employee,

  Perhaps the early birds are trying to do business with you on their way to work and will be penalised if they arrive late on their job. And perhaps the late arrivals were stuck at work and couldn’t get to your store any sooner.

  Try to remember that pleasing your customers is the key to business success, and if you will not give them some leeway in relation to your business hours they are free to shop somewhere else – and probably will do so if you cannot or will not accommodate them.

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