Dear Queenie,

  My husband has been transferred in his job several times and each time we have had to move to a new place to live. We have lived in the same place for about 5 years, since before the COVID-19 pandemic, but now he is being transferred again.

  Our younger (pre-teen) son hasn’t had any problem with all the moving. He seems to adjust to new places very well, but our teenager doesn’t want to leave all the friends he has in school.

  My husband is willing to go ahead of us, get settled in the new place, and wait for our son to finish high school before we join him there, but I don’t want to have our family separated (or have to cope with living with a teenager without my husband there to help).

  Queenie, what do you suggest?—Can’t decide

Dear Can’t decide,

  Do not let your family be separated. Your older son can stay in touch with his old friends via social media and will have plenty of opportunity to make new friends in your new home.

  I wish you good luck with your move and in your new home.

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