Sugar Mommy

Dear Queenie,
I let my boyfriend move into an apartment I own when he was getting his divorce and got kicked out of his (almost-ex-) wife’s house. He agreed to pay rent, but then he quit his job and he hasn’t found another one since then and doesn’t pay any rent – in fact, I pay all his bills and he gets mad if I even try to talk to him about it.
Queenie, I can afford it, but I get the idea that that’s the only reason he stays with me. What do you think?—Sugar Mommy

Dear Sugar Mommy,
Of course he gets mad when you try to talk to him about money. They do say, “The best defence is a good offence (and be as offensive as possible!).”
Talk to a lawyer to learn how you can handle this legally, and a counsellor if you need help coping with your relationship with this man.

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