Caretaker daughter

Dear Queenie,
My mother died years ago and recently my father became ill and needs constant care. I moved in with him and have been taking care of him and my brothers and sisters don’t give me any help.
They are all convinced that I am doing it to control his finances, which isn’t true. He is in charge of the money and I just do what he tells me to do with it. He has told them that but they just don’t believe him.
Queenie, I want to stay on good terms with them. What can I do?—Caretaker daughter

Dear Daughter,
Keep your siblings up to date on your father’s finances. And make sure he has made a formal will so that when the time comes they will know that you have only obeyed your father’s wishes. If he is willing, you can show them a copy of the will.
Meanwhile, try to have them visit your father and spend as much time with him as possible, so they can see for themselves how he is doing.

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