His new wife

Dear Queenie,
My husband still keeps in close contact with his first wife. I can understand that he keeps in touch because they have children together, but I think this is too much. He calls her almost every day, but he doesn’t tell me what they talk about, and he buys her gifts on her birthday and Mothers’ Day and Christmas and he loaned her money to buy a new car and he never told me about any of this (I won’t tell you how I came to find out).
Queenie, isn’t this more than a little bit too much?—His new wife

Dear New Wife,
Yes, this is too much, especially because your husband did not tell you what he was doing. Ask him why he does all these things for his ex-wife, and especially why he did not tell you about any of it. And if he does not have some really good answers for you, I would recommend marriage counselling for the two of you.
Please note: If says he thought this behaviour would make you jealous, that answer is not good enough.

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