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Dear Queenie,
I have invited some friends to my home several times for a meal – not a fancy dinner, just a casual lunch or supper – and they seem to have enjoyed it. One or two of them said we should do it more often, but none of them has offered to do it at their house.
Queenie, shouldn’t they be taking their turn?—Entertainment Etty Ket

Dear Etty Ket,
Yes, of course they should, but these days many people do not understand the rules of etiquette, or just do not take the trouble to observe them. It could also be that some of them do not have the facilities to entertain guests, or are embarrassed to do so.
From now on, entertain at home only the people who do as much for you. You can get together with the others elsewhere; for instance, at a restaurant (and asking for separate bills would not be rude).

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