Exhausted daughter

Dear Queenie,
A few years after my father died my mother was very ill for a few weeks. She recovered completely, according to her doctors, but now she thinks she is an invalid and needs someone to take care of her all the time and there isn’t anyone but me to do it.
I work full-time and when I get home I have to take care of her and the house and I don’t have the time or the strength for anything else.
And Queenie, what will happen to my mother if anything happens to me?—Exhausted daughter

Dear Daughter,
There must be some service organisations in your community that could offer you some help – day care for your mother at the very least, and perhaps even a senior citizens home where she could live full-time and you could visit her as much as you are able.
I am sure your mother’s doctors could help you find the help you need.

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