Concerned citizen

Dear Queenie,

  A friend of mine set me up on a date with an older man, much older than me, who kept ogling other women, even some young girls, and he said some very sexy things to some of them. I said he shouldn’t be doing such things, especially when he was with me, and he said all men do it and he does it all the time.

  Another friend of mine said he is a sexual predator and maybe even a sex addict. Whatever, I haven’t gone out with him again, but I keep wondering about him.

  Queenie, is there something I should do about all this?—Concerned citizen  

Dear Citizen,

  If this man’s behaviour started fairly recently and keeps getting worse, it could be an early sign of dementia and someone – a family member or a close friend – should make sure he gets a medical check-up and that the doctor knows about his behaviour. However, if he has always been like this, and if the young girls you mentioned were legally underage, his behaviour should be reported to the authorities.

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