Worried wife

Dear Queenie,

  My husband drinks a lot every day. When I say anything to him about it he says I shouldn’t worry about it because he drinks at home, not at a bar, and doesn’t drive when he has been drinking. I also worry about his health because he never goes to see a doctor or a dentist.

  Queenie, how can I get him to drink less and see a doctor more?—Worried wife

Dear Wife,

  Your husband may avoid getting a medical check-up because he is afraid the doctor will tell him that to protect his health he has to stop drinking, or at least drink a lot less.

  If you cannot get him to change the way he behaves, at least make sure you, and your children if you have any, are protected. Make sure that he has a legal will and that all his legal affairs are in order.

  And for support, you can contact Al-Anon. If there is not a local group, go online to


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