Cheapskate’s sister

Dear Queenie,

  Whenever there is an occasion for giving a gift, my brother gives me something that is not my size or just not the kind of thing I like. He usually buys them on sale, so I can’t just return them for credit or exchange them for something I like better.

  Queenie, is there some way I can let him know I would prefer it if he would just give me a gift certificate, or at least something that could be exchanged for something I like better?—Cheapskate’s sister


Dear Sister,

  You could suggest a gift certificate, but of course then the price would be right there in front of you and the cheapskate might be embarrassed. Try to accept your brother for what he is and to be grateful for whatever effort he put into getting a gift for you – after all, “it’s the thought that counts”.

  You can always pass his gifts on to someone else who can use them, or donate them to a community service organisation that will do so.