Dear Queenie,

  I’m planning my wedding and I have asked my best friend to be my maid of honor and her daughter, who is my god-daughter, to be the flower girl.

  My mother and her family are very prejudiced and they don’t like my friend and her daughter because the little girl is biracial. My mother says she won’t come to the wedding if my friend and her daughter are in the wedding party. And my fiancé and I are paying for the whole affair, so it’s not as if my mother has anything to say about the arrangements.

  My father and my brothers and sisters do not agree with her. They think her attitude is terrible.

  Queenie, what should I do about all this?—Bride-to-be


Dear Bride-to-be,

  I agree with your father and your siblings – your mother’s attitude is terrible. You can try to talk it over with her reasonably, but I hope you will not give in to her racist bigotry.