Secret Girlfriend

Dear Queenie,

  My boyfriend and I have been going out together for almost a year, but up to now I haven’t met any of his family. He says he is divorced, but his family doesn’t believe it’s all over between him and his ex-wife. I think maybe they are hoping he and his ex will get back together.

  I gave him until the end of the year to have me meet everyone.

  Queenie, what is your opinion about all this?—Secret Girlfriend


Dear Girlfriend,

  I think if your boyfriend were really ready to move on with his life after divorce he would be willing to let you meet his family. Or possibly he lied to you about being officially divorced.

  Whatever the case, if you have not met his family by the end of the year, he may never be ready to make your relationship public and you should be prepared to end your relationship with him and move on with your own life.