Ben’s mother

Dear Queenie,

  I’ve been divorced for a long time and the children’s father moved away a long time ago. When I was having some problems with my teenage son “Joe” his godfather “Ben” helped out and we ended up getting into a committed relationship.

  My other children are okay with this, but Joe is mad at me because he thinks I stole his godfather. I have tried to explain that Ben is still there for him as a stepfather as well as a godfather, but Joe just won’t listen to me.

  Queenie, Ben wants what’s best for me and the kids. What should we do?— Ben’s mother

Dear Mother,

  Your teenage son is acting more like he is still a small child. He needs to learn how to deal with a slightly changed relationship with Ben and a greatly changed relationship between you and Ben.

  As usual, I suggest that professional counselling might help all of you deal with the changes in your lives.

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