Worried wife

Dear Queenie,

  My husband doesn’t have a regular job and when he goes out he stays out late or never comes home ’til morning. He complains that we don’t have enough money, but when he gets a paycheck he spends it all on booze and women. I have a part-time job but I don’t make enough to pay for all our expenses.

  Queenie, how can I get my husband to do better?—Worried wife

Dear Wife,

  You can’t make someone change just because you want to and they need to. It takes outside intervention – professional counselling at least, if not something more drastic like having your home foreclosed because you did not keep up the mortgage payments or getting evicted from a rented home, and even then professional counselling will be needed to help get things back on track.

  If you cannot get your husband to go with you for counselling, go by yourself to learn how to deal with his shortcomings – or whether you even want to stay with him.

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