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Dear Editor,

  Eavesdropping is not a nice thing, but even though when one is within earshot of a conversation, one can avoid speaking, one cannot avoid hearing which can lead to listening. On such an occasion I heard one person ask if the police are going to make the drivers take off the dark tint  when they are controlling cars for motor vehicle tax? Another person answered, “That wouldn’t be fair, because a lot of government cars have dark tint too.” But this is nothing new, because on several occasions I was asked if the police are not allowed to make drivers take the dark tint off the cars? “As far as I know the law did not change.”

  I personally strongly condemn the government for a double standard. I will even go as far as to state that I blame the chief of police for not insisting that government address this situation in the appropriate manner. I will not publicly state my opinion in this matter, but it is more than high time that dark tint and the use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle be addressed.

Russell A. Simmons

The Daily Herald

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