At last! At long last!

Dear Editor,

At last, there is an awakening and the beginning of a powerful counter-discourse that, hopefully, will redress for a while (at least) the old sinking ship USA and, with it, “the West,” Western civilization.

The gaping hole left in the hull of ship USA by slavery/segregation/the Civil War and its aftermath (Jim Crow) have combined with more recent deep gashes, one in particular, that dates back to April 4, 1968, the day they shot and killed Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (I was a young man back then). Ever since that wretched day, more than half a century ago, the USA has been leaking profusely, steadily, increasingly! The doomed vessel is listing heavily, sinking slowly. It is as if she awaits that exceptional sea storm and a strong enough wave to send her to the bottom into collapse, complete breakdown.

Fortunately, a hopeful awakening may right the sinking USA. As I gauge it, the leader of this awakening and revival is Coleman Hughes, a young philosopher whose new book I strongly recommend. “The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colourblind America, 2024” is strong medicine, a counter-poison. It is the perfect antidote for all of those who, for way too long, have abandoned the teachings of MLK to embrace the poisonous politics of race that is nothing more than a payback version (an inversion of that old racism) of segregation and Jim Crow politics.

Wikipedia informs us that Coleman Hughes is “of African American and Puerto Rican descent and grew up in Montclair, New Jersey.” It also states that “his mother died when he was 19.” Hughes is young (age 28). He graduated from Columbia University, where he majored in Philosophy. However, he is already a proven scholar. In this new book, Hughes argues against race-based politics to counter and end American racism. He maintains that socioeconomics (Class) is a better gauge or “proxy for disadvantage.”

This new book (available on Amazon) is a must-read for those interested in this matter and the perfect gift for all politicians in Saint Martin (French and Dutch), for whom Coleman Hughes’ antidote may be very beneficial.

Gérard M. Hunt

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