Younger sister

Dear Queenie,

  When I was in college my older brother loaned me money when I needed it and I promised to pay him back when I finished school and got a job. When that time came I sent him a check for the full amount, but he never cashed it. He said he didn’t need the money and he was forgiving the loan.

  Now, many years later, I am doing very well and my brother has asked me to repay the loan after all.

  Queenie, I can afford it and I will send him the money, but what do you think of all this?—Younger sister

Dear Sister,

  Your brother probably forgave the loan years ago because he did not want you to start out on your own with financial difficulties. Now possibly he is having some financial problems of his own and needs the money. Thank him again for his help all those years ago and send him a cheque.