Worried son

Dear Queenie,

  My mother is on pension and buys all her food when it is on sale and sometimes she keeps it in her fridge so long it actually gets moldy but she still eats it.

  I have tried to get her to throw things out when they start to spoil, but she won’t listen.

  Queenie, it’s not as if she can’t afford to do better. How can I make her understand that this isn’t healthy?—Worried son

Dear Son,

  Your mother probably grew up in a family with very limited income and learned this habit when she was growing up. Perhaps her doctor can explain to her how unhealthy this habit is, and perhaps you can help her change by going food-shopping with her or by doing it for her. And if you do that, do not buy so much at one time that she will have it left over long enough to start spoiling.

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