Worried baby-mama

Dear Queenie,

  My father is an alcoholic, cheated on my mother several times and used to abuse me. Now he has been arrested for possession of child pornography and may get sent to prison. My mother never even tried to protect me from him and now she still doesn’t believe he has done anything seriously wrong.

  My husband and I have a baby girl and we think we have to protect her from my father even if that means from my mother too, even if it means cutting off from them entirely, but some of the rest of my family don’t agree with that.

  Queenie, what do you think?—Worried baby-mama

Dear Baby-mama,

  I think your first concern should be your child’s welfare, even if it means cutting your parents out of her (and your) life. As for your other relatives, you cannot please everyone, and, as I said, your child’s welfare must come first.

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