Victim grown up

Dear Queenie,

  When I was a little girl my grandfather did things with me that I didn’t like, so I tried to stay away from him. I told my parents, but they thought I was making things seem worse than they really were, so they didn’t do anything about it.

  Now I’m going to get married and we’re making up the guest list for our wedding. There will be a lot of children there because most of our friends and relatives will bring their kids.

  Queenie, is it okay if I don’t invite my grandfather?—Victim grown up


Dear Victim,

  It is not merely okay, but highly advisable that you do not invite your grandfather to your wedding (or any other event) where young children will be present.

  And if anyone asks why he was not invited, tell them. It might prevent them from exposing any other potential victim(s) to a molester.