Unhappy husband

Dear Queenie,
My wife is always accusing me of cheating on her. She claims she has proof, but that’s impossible because it never happened.
I tried to get her to go with me for marriage counselling, but she won’t go because she says it’s the counsellors who make you crazy. Instead, she keeps threatening to leave me because of what she thinks I did.
Queenie, how can I get her to see the truth?—Unhappy husband

Dear Husband,
I doubt you can convince your wife she is wrong or get her to “see the truth”. I suspect she already knows the truth, but prefers not to believe it – or perhaps accusing you of infidelity is a trick she uses to keep you from noticing what she herself has been up to.
I think you might be lucky if she actually ever leaves you and you are freed of her false suspicions and punitive behaviour.

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