Scared to try

Dear Queenie,
I was dating a man for a while that I thought I was in love with, but he had to go to another island for his job and I wouldn’t take my children away from all our family, so the relationship ended. Later I found out that this man had a criminal record for molesting little children, so I guess I got lucky.
But now I’m afraid to date anyone else in case I get involved with another bad guy.
Queenie, how can you tell about someone before you get involved with them?—Scared to try

Dear Scared,
You can learn a lot about someone these days by going online and checking them out, but that does not guarantee you will know everything you need to know about them.
It is better to meet men (and women) through personal introductions from people you know well and can trust, but it is still a good idea to take your time getting to know them well.

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