Overworked hostess

Dear Queenie,

  Now that travel restrictions are loosening up, my family wants to come visit me and my husband for the holidays. I would love to see them again, but when they used to come before they never did anything to help out with all the extra work and expense, like offer to take us out for dinner or buy some supplies, or help with all the extra housework and cooking.

  Queenie, how can I make things better?—Overworked hostess

Dear Hostess,

  Speak up! Tell them you would love to see them, but that you will expect them to help pay for the additional supplies and to help you with all the extra work you will have to do.

  When they are staying with you, speak up again. If possible, take them with you when you go shopping for supplies and ask them for money to help pay the bill. And do not be afraid to ask them for help when you are doing the housework and cooking.

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