Mean Mommy

Dear Queenie,
My husband and I have 3 kids. I try to be reasonably strict with them about things like what food they eat and what they can watch on TV and what time they go to bed, but my husband lets them eat whatever junk food they want and stay up until all hours watching anything and everything on TV.
Then he says the kids don’t listen to what he tells them so I have to make them do what they are told.
Queenie, I don’t like being “mean Mommy”. Is there anything I can do about it?—Mean Mommy

Dear Mommy,
Your husband apparently does not understand the responsibilities of parenthood. Are parenting classes available where you live, or can you get your husband a book on good parenting or perhaps arrange for him to have some sessions with an expert on good parenting? Perhaps even his own parents could explain some of this to him.

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