Confused grandchild

Dear Queenie,

I have 3 sisters and brothers and our grandmother gives us money gifts on special occasions like our birthdays and Christmas. What we don’t understand is why she doesn’t give all of us the same amount of money.

Queenie, does it mean she loves some of us more than the others?—Confused grandchild

Dear Grandchild,

More likely, your grandmother gives you amounts of money according to what she sees as your needs, or possibly in relation to the way you treat her.

Do you all spend the same amount of time calling and/or visiting her (not just being babysat). Do you all write thank-you notes for her gifts? Do you all remember your grandmother on her birthday and other special occasions? Are you all fairly close in age (1 or 2 years apart) or widely apart (ranging from 5 to 20)? Does she help some of you more than the others in other ways like taking you places or buying you things like toys or clothes or paying for special needs like college tuition?

Whatever the reason for this difference may be, I recommend that you do not ask her about it. Just accept that that is the way she is and thank her for loving you.

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