Dear Queenie,

  My boyfriend and I have been living together for almost 2 years. A while ago he had dinner out with a friend I thought was a man, but when I asked how it went he didn’t want to talk about it. I found out a few days later that the friend was a woman, not a man, and when I told him what I knew he said they were just friends from work and he didn’t want me to know he had gone out with a woman because he was afraid I’d be jealous.

  Then he started staying with his brother a couple of nights a week, leaving me alone, and now he says he is not sure he wants a permanent relationship with me and he is talking about moving out altogether. He says we will still be going out together, but there won’t be anything physical anymore.

  Queenie, what am I supposed to think about all this?—Confused


Dear Confused,

  Your boyfriend is moving out of your relationship step-by-step. You might as well face the fact and make it easy for him by telling him to move out and be done with it – leaving you free to find someone else.