Worried sister

Dear Queenie,

  My sister is so determined to have a man in her life that nothing else matters. When we invite her to family occasions she won’t attend because she is hoping some man will ask her for a date. She spends a lot of time waiting alone with her phone for some man to call her instead of going out and doing things with family or friends.

  We, her family, and her friends wish she would spend some time with us instead of always waiting for some man to call her.

  Queenie, is there anything we can do?—Worried sister


Dear Sister,

  Your sister’s behaviour is not intended to hurt you. She just does not feel that she is worth anything if she does not have a man in her life. Try to accept her as she is.

  And, of course, any time you invite her to an event where you can tell her there will be some man you would like her to meet, I am sure she will want to attend.