Broken-hearted ex-girlfriend

Dear Queenie,
My boyfriend and I were together for many years and I thought eventually we would get married. But one day we had a big argument about some emails he was sending to his ex-wife and things got so loud the neighbors called the police and we got arrested.
I was never in that kind of trouble before, but the worst part of it was losing the man I thought would be my husband.
My family says I should get over it because it’s just as well I’m rid of him, but I don’t agree and I miss being with him.
Queenie, what do you say?—Broken-hearted ex-girlfriend

Dear Ex-girlfriend,
No matter what anyone else says, what is important is that your (ex)-boyfriend wants nothing more to do with you. And if he was sending e-mails to his ex-wife that were worth arguing about, apparently he was not as much in love with you as you were with him.
I suggest you consult a counsellor or therapist to help you sort out your feelings and understand what a healthy relationship is like, because apparently this was not such a one.

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