Proud (but private) parents

Dear Queenie,
My wife and I wanted to have a family, but we both have medical problems that make it impossible for her to get pregnant the normal way. We finally managed to have a baby with lots of medical assistance (a sperm donor and in-vitro fertilization) and now our son is almost ready to start kindergarten.
Queenie, we know we will eventually have to explain all this to our son, but how do we do this without the whole family finding out and starting a lot of talk about it?—Proud (but private) parents

Dear Parents,
When your child(ren) is(are) old enough to learn the “facts of life” just tell him(them) the basic facts of his(their) conception and answer questions, if any, in an age-appropriate manner.
Fertility problems are not a shameful secret anymore, and I doubt the matter will become the subject of gossip when/if anyone else finds out.

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