Will the private sector lose even more St. Maarteners now?

Dear Editor,

  There are two controversies in St. Maarten I would like to suggest to readers to examine together.

  Firstly, we hear frequently complaints that the private sector in St. Maarten is dominated by foreigners. Secondly we know that St. Maarteners tend to favour employment in the public sector. The likely reason for this preference is the job security and consistency that the public sector offers.

  In this period where the country has suffered a huge downturn in economic activity as a result of the global pandemic, those in the private sector have had to suffer severe hardship in respect of the employment availability and in most cases have had to suffer a reduction of income in various ways and there has been little or no loss of income in the public sector.

  Will the manner in which this income distribution has been managed not result in an even greater preference by St. Maarteners to choose the public sector over the private sector when choosing careers? Will the private sector not be further challenged by the most talented St. Maarteners choosing the safe and secure public and “semi-public” sector?

Robbie Ferron