Wah goin on?

Dear Editor,

I continue smiling when I hear the people who I am close to, say to me, "I blow you yesterday but you didn't notice it was me", or "I say you need glasses because I blow you, you look and you didn't react". One day I asked one of them, "How is it that you noticed me, and I did not notice that it was you?" Her answer to me was, "When you going to stop being a police?" I wanted to answer her when the retired architects stop looking at buildings or the masons stop looking at how a building is plastered, but I told her, "When you go back into the book that you learned from, to get your driver's licence. She answered "But everybody does it".

I cannot tell you what she meant because it was not clearly established what was the reason for my first reaction, nor can I say what she meant, because it was not clearly stated" She said something to me. She got an answer and responded implying that I had accused her of wrongdoing. The old people used to say, "That is your guilty conscience”. Which brings me to the question? Why would someone who is doing something which is not allowed, expect for others to respect and accept what they are doing?

There is an idea/concept in the law "gedoogd beleid", which is, even though it is not permitted by law, we will let it ride. My reaction to that is, it is not fair for the person who makes an extra effort to abide by the law to see others getting away with "as it were murder" A lady asked me what to do about a seatbelt ticket that she got from an officer who she knows got black tint on his car. I told her if she does not want to fight it in court she should fight in the court of public opinion. My opinion with the law is, it is either black or white. There should not be any grey area. The grey area belongs to the discretion of the judge.

By now we have an idea what is the duty of the "Ombudsman", but I do not think we know what the duties of the Public Prosecutor are. Which brings me back to the lack of civics education in schools. Is not the term "Lawless community" looming somewhere in our future? Even though there is talk about separation of church and state, the government is constantly involved in matters of the church. So then why not adhere to Proverbs 22:6?

Do we really expect better from those young people on motorcycles? Where is the example? So, I ask myself "Wah really goin on?"

Russell A. Simmons

The Daily Herald

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