The energy power sources dilemma

Dear Editor,
Paul Kroll said oil makes the world go round. Long time ago coal and oil producing countries were not involved in selling energy for huge profits. Nowadays oil has become a political instrument. A country either plays by the rule, or faces the risk of losing its business. Such unpleasant behaviour pressures government and businesses to pay more for electricity and fuel power. Coal, oil and natural gas provide energy power for most electricity plants in operation today. Petroleum and natural gas provide energy for automobiles, households and businesses.
Natural is a combustible gas that forms naturally in the earth and consists of methane and hydrogen and other gases. Methane is colourless and flammable and is used as fuel. It is formed from the decomposition of plants and other organic products. Propane is a flammable colourless and heavier gas. It is also used for fuel. Fossil fuel is coal and oil. It is one of the best sources of energy power dating back to the 1930s to produce clan energy. It was formed from the decomposition of animals, plants and other organic products over millions of years ago.
Renewable energy sources include solar power, wind farming, hydro-electricity power, nuclear energy, gas and electrical energy power. Solar power is excellent for countries with plenty of sunshine. Solar batteries should be fully charged for continuous functional operation. This source of energy is for every household and business. Installation fees can be costly but operational cost is usually low. Dead batteries no longer used must be carefully disposed of and destroyed to protect the environment. Recondition batteries should be protected and stored in a safe place at all times.
Wind power is vital for every sector of the community. This energy source can be used commercially to reduce the cost of producing electricity to the public. The problems with wind power technology are the rotating blades on the units causing destruction to birds in their path. During hurricanes, the units can be destroyed by hurricane-force winds. This energy source is commercially important to the population for daily power supply. Hydro-electric power using dams, river and lakes is also an important cheap source of clean energy. This source does not need a huge maintenance cost. During natural disasters, dams may be broken by rivers bursting their banks and cause lakes to overflow and damage the energy producing equipment.
Electrical energy and natural gas are still the cleanest and best sources of energy for the environment, households and establishments until now. The flow of these types of energy usually depends on demand and supply. Nowadays both economics and politics are driving forces for high energy cost and for creating high rate of inflation around the world.
The sun is getting hotter these days. This is because of the Green House Effect. Many countries around the world are experiencing severe weather conditions due to global warming. When fossil fuel such as coal or oil is burnt, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere along with other poisonous gases. These gases trap the heat of the sun and cause the earth’s surface to become warmer. This process is causing devastated hurricanes, wildfires, floods, drought, and the ice in the Artic to melt. In addition, smoke from motor vehicles, factories, and air-condition units are also contributors of air pollution which increase global warming. In summary, the choice of supplying affordable energy power sources to the population will depend on stability, reducing electricity cost, increase in demand and maintenance of equipment.
Coal, oil and natural gas provide about 80% of energy power produced by electricity plant. Renewable or alternative energy power provides about 15% source for general consumption use. Nuclear and hydro-electric power provide the other 5% use. Factors affecting the environment using fossil fuel: We have seen how off-shore drillings of crude oil caused death and destruction to fishes, birds and other sea creatures. A broken pipeline for example, or blowing up pipelines under the sea could be detrimental to humans, sea-creatures, birds and animals.
Repairs and clean-up costs are usually in millions of dollars to governments and plat form entrepreneurs. Coal mining is also a dangerous operation. Extracting coal from beneath the earth surface usually involve the cost of human lives and high-tech drilling equipment, also the release of dangerous carbon gases into the air which pollute the environment. We should help protect the environment by using more renewable and clean energy power to prevent global warming. Trees are important in the carbon cycle. They help to decrease carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere which is responsible for Climate Change.
Deforestation is also a major cause of global warming. Renewable energy is the ideal source for cleaner power to promote a healthy working environment.

Joseph Harvey

The Daily Herald

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