Recycling number plates beneficial in several ways

Dear Editor,

  It’s that time of the year where we always have the new plates coming for vehicles. We go through various suggestions that we should not do the plates and stick to the same plates considering the dump situation.

  It has been suggested to just have a windshield sticker to the car like Curaçao does, but lack of prompt visual control is cited as a reason to stick to different color plates each year.

  I believe we should perhaps look at this in a way where we also add value to our island’s economy.

  The plates are not made locally, but at least we can settle for 2 sets of plates and use one set one year and turn the used set in during payment and pick up the second set. During this second year we can have a local factory repaint the first set of old plates to a new color. So, by the third year the second set is given in during payment and the first set collected back in a different color. This would keep the desired visual control in line with the existing norm.

  With this, only new numbers need to be ordered and we can actually support a small industry locally with this initiative. We will be ecologically more conscious and not have to encounter delays for the plates during the payment deadlines. I look forward to the correct attention in this regard.


Viren V. Kotai