Is nothing off limits?

Dear Editor,

  Do politicians continuously only think of themselves and never do what they are elected to do? Politicians are not put in government to make hay for themselves by making use of the mishaps and misfortune of the public. Again, they are put there to take care of the needs of the people. I still cannot understand why the dismissal of a civil servant was the cause of a meeting of Parliament. And why should the Minister concerned be publicly questioned about it while Parliament is infringing on the rights to privacy of the civil servant? If the real intention was to guarantee the rights of that civil servant, why not direct her or refer her to the competent authorities – in this case the Ombudsman or the Ambtenaren Rechter?

  In my opinion, the government is playing along with whatever certain members of Parliament are getting away with and that demonstrates a certain sign of weakness. MPs [Members of Parliament – Ed.] Wescot and Emmanuel publicly used the rights of privacy of that civil servant and did what has become commonplace in the government of St. Maarten: politicize it and, as it were, scheming her into believing that they were going to bat for her.

  If I read well, the weak Minister felt backed in a corner and did not say anything positive on the performance of that civil servant. So now my question is: “If that young lady seeks employment elsewhere, what kind of a reference letter would she obtain from government to go along with her diploma(s)?

  When will enough be enough? As long as one knows how to reckon, two and two will add up to four. When I read that article I thought of several known sayings like the one about “long rope…” and “what sweeten’ goat mouth”, etc. And my mathematical mind also produced a temporary formula which is T+E=>NAUP. But I believe that it is proven that K+A+R+M+A is the permanent formula. . .

Russell A, Simmons