I am Alpha and Omega


  Wars were once fought by men with weapons – but only Jehovah can fight and win this war.


I never thought

I never thought

The whole world could be brought to this sudden halt.

I never thought …

I never thought …

I can’t fathom it…

I can’t fathom it!

Is there a Supreme Being that brought us to this sudden halt?


It is an “hard-lee, an “hard-lee”

An “hard-lee” for us to assess and turn away from the impending disaster.

Ah, this screeching halt

This daily corontine, seizes my liberty

No one understands it.


- At last the line is horizontal

- Everyone one now is equal

- No special privileges accorded

- All must condone to the rules

- No exemptions

- Patrician and plebiscite must walk the same road

- Rich and poor must walk the same road

- That’s the power of CORONA 19!

Let me remind you,

“I am Jehovah

“I, only, have this power!

“Challenge it

“Buy it

“Never, never, never


“I am the Lord

“I am the Supreme God

“Honour Me …

“Praise Me …

“Worship Me …

“I am the Alpha and Omega.”


Lena A. Gumbs 


~ An “hard-lee” is an Anguillian cultural expression used in our National Sport-“Boat-Racing”, to prevent collision. Immediately before the boats collide, “hard-lee” is cried out. ~