BCP: Explosion of science, and morality

Dear Editor,

  The media produce more and more shocking news on a daily basis: there must be a vaccination passport by this and that date; the Minister of Health reports: The population, including newborns, must also have a genetic passport; etc., etc.

  No one asks what the threat is, who is pushing for it, and what their aim is. It is only known that whoever disobeys will be expelled from society. Nonsensical and criminal measures taken by the government are accepted without examining their consequences.

  Nuclear weapons were the greatest threat of mass destruction. What is happening today, however, is an even more effective way of mass and total self-destruction of humanity.

  What good is science and technology when it is in the hands of intelligent and cynical criminals who seek not only to exterminate humanity, but also to disrupt human nature as such? Without conscience and without moral principles, science and technology lead to the self-destruction of humanity. Chipping is being introduced to totally control people, and not only to control, but directly to degrade people into system media or biorobots. It is really about satanizing humanity and making a hell on earth, which culminates in hell after death.

  The question of interpersonal morality depends on moral purity. The promotion of immorality does not lead to freedom, but to slavery to passions and ultimately to crime. The paradox is that it was the Second Vatican Council that opened the door to the process of demoralization by establishing respect for paganism. The heresies of Modernism have disrupted a living relationship with God. Without this relationship, morality declines. Morality is the basis of a healthy family, and thus of society. It leads to true freedom.

  In the 1960s, the yoga and martial art boom resulted in the expansion of paganism. Their meditations are intrinsically connected with pagan Hinduism and Buddhism. These meditations exclude conscience and deny God the Creator and His salvation, which is in Christ. In pagan cults, there is neither love for God nor love for neighbour. Paganism is fundamentally based on occultism, i.e. various forms of divination, magic and spiritualism, which open souls to demons and lead to satanism. This entails a complete decline of conscience and all morals.

  In the 1970s, Kinsey began to promote paedophilia and homosexuality. During that period of invasion of immorality, the institution of the family was disrupted. Divorces were taking place en masse because the moral principles and the roots from which morality grows had been undermined. A TV boom began in the 1960s, and soon there was almost no film free of immoral content.

  The turn of the millennium was marked by extreme gay propaganda, and in recent years we have witnessed gender ideology that brings with it the legalization of all kinds of perversions and at the same time a massive change in the human mind. Unreality is taken as reality, common sense is punishable, and conscience is completely eliminated. The distinction between good and evil, truth and lies, is blurred, and the existence of objectively valid moral norms is denied, even by so-called Pope Francis.

  Paradigms have been changed. The hidden goal is the self-destruction of humanity and, after death, the damnation of every individual in hell. In this situation, everyone must resist the system of self-destruction, even at the cost of martyrdom.

  This ideology of the apocalyptic beast, which has power in its hands, is abusing all the achievements of science and technology for the global programming of evil. The enforcement of this path of death is based on professional lies and manipulation. The current self-destructive war is guided by the principle: Believe in lies and destroy yourself!

  We need to know that this programme counts on the genetic root of evil – sin – which is in every human being. Therefore, God became man in order to obtain for us the forgiveness of sins and to deliver us from this source of evil, original sin – the old self (Rom 6:6). It is necessary for us to receive the Saviour and His way of truth and self-sacrificing love for God and neighbour.

  Knowing the truth is deeply connected with moral principles. A person who lives an immoral life becomes spiritually blind and cynical. He himself will commit crimes and legalize them, thereby doing harm both to himself and others. This is not an innocent thing. The basis of morality is true self-criticism, which makes a person able to admit the root of evil in himself, along with its system of self-deception, and to oppose it. Only then can he accept God’s plan for his life and its completion in eternal happiness after death.

  No responsibility, no justice, no honest behaviour can be expected from an immoral person. Immorality goes hand in hand with the decline of virtues. The greatest channel to immorality is the return to paganism – that is, to the worship of demons and Satan, and at the same time to moral perversions, and even to human sacrifice. That is what we have come to today.

  This is cruelty to children on a mass scale. It is all being enacted! These crimes are called children’s rights. In order to be moral and conscientious, one must acquire self-denial – sacrifice. The meaning and purpose of human life is transcendent – it does not end with death.

  What change in thinking has taken place in the last half century? It began with the popularization of immorality, which gradually led to the promotion of perversion (Kinsey – paedophilia and homosexuality), and eventually was followed by a transition from reality to unreality (transgender ideology). The distinction between good and evil ceased to exist. Post-Christian society was then able to accept the colossal system of lies, as we see it today. A mass autogenocide is underway under the guise of health.

  What is the solution? Not faith in lies or liars, but metanoia – a change of mind and belief in the Gospel! (Mt 1:15)

Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP)