Joint rescue at Klein Curaçao

Joint rescue at  Klein Curaçao

The stranded boat.

WILLEMSTAD--Wednesday at 7:00pm, a report came in via VHF to the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard’s Rescue & Coordination Center (RCC) at Parera that the vessel FENIX near Klein Curaçao had problems with a heated engine.

  RCC then directed the Dash patrol plane to the reported location.

  Citizens Rescue Organisation Citro was informed and immediately sailed to the uninhabited island with its speedboat Braakman, and a coastguard Metal Shark also headed there.

  Shortly afterward, the aircraft reported that the powerless vessel was stranded on the rocks, and all three people on board climbed ashore.

  Upon the arrival of Braakman and the Metal Shark, it turned out that one of the crew had suffered a broken leg in the process. Citro personnel treated the injured person on the spot and then took him back to their boathouse at Caracasbaai, where an ambulance was waiting.

  The other two crew members were taken by the Metal Shark to the Parera naval base.