Reasonable compromise

Reasonable compromise

A breakthrough is needed in the two-week ongoing strike at Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital. With COVID-19 still raging, the public health sector is already burdened enough.

One can fully understand the importance of especially care personnel getting vaccinated. However, making it mandatory per October 15 could prove counterproductive in terms of medical manpower if too many don’t and are consequently unable to work.

The latter issue might not play a very big role in the entire Republic of France, but for a small island-community like St. Martin with limited local resources it is significant. The hospital of Guadeloupe reportedly refused to implement this measure for the same reason and was apparently given a one-month extension,

It now seems French authorities in Marigot have promised a “soft transition” meaning no strict controls or sanctions until November 15. While that is welcome also to help reduce tensions, it amounts to little more than a stay of execution.

A real solution might be to consider compulsory frequent rapid testing for unvaccinated employees on arrival. This would obviously take some doing and funding, but surely regional health authority ARS and the hospital have the means to get the job done.

If that sounds like a reasonable compromise, perhaps it is. Remember, every problem in principle has a solution.