Equally important

Equally important

There was an interesting article in Friday’s WEEKender supplement by contributor attorney Suhandra Leon about the new Labour Law that goes into effect October 1, according to her without noticeable publicity. Moreover, even though it has been almost a year since publication of the relevant legislation and various advisory bodies emphasised informing the public, little has been heard of the announced awareness campaign via the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour VSA.
The lawyer argues that government failed to sufficiently explain to employers and workers “considerable changes” in their rights and obligations. For one thing, the law is only available in the Dutch language, so she recommends updating an English version submitted to Parliament in 2017.
Leon mentions inconsistencies too, due to subsequent amendments that were not well thought out, while there are also discrepancies with the explanatory memorandum such as the lack of a transitional regulation. The latter omission, she concludes, creates legal uncertainty that can only be taken away with repair legislation or by the court.
Despite these flaws, modernising the outdated law was required and is appreciated. However, the attorney wished it had been revised for issues created with adjustments made over the years.
The underlying message is clear: Legislative and other reforms are no doubt needed, but great care should always be taken to properly prepare any major adjustments and their impact, including adequately educating the general population and particularly those directly involved like – in this case – businesses and employees.
The same goes for the so-called “country package” of restructuring measures. Change is good, but security and stability are equally important.

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