Worried mother

Dear Queenie,
My husband always said he wanted children, but once we had a child, a boy, he never spent any time with him. If I needed to go out he would have his parents come over and then he would go out, sometimes with his father too, and leave them or just Grandma to babysit.
Since our son got older my husband makes him do a lot of chores and he is always ready to tell our son what he has done wrong, but never says anything about what he has done right.
Now that our son is a teenager he can’t get along with his father at all, all they do is argue.
Queenie, I don’t want my son to grow up to be like his father. What can I do?—Worried mother

Dear Mother,
Your husband apparently does not know how to treat a child. He would benefit from professional counselling if you can persuade him to get it. In fact, all of you would benefit from counselling, separately and together.
You should also talk to a lawyer to learn what your legal options are.

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