Worried mother

Dear Queenie,

  I just found out that my daughter, who is 15, and her boyfriend, who is 16, have been having sex. I always liked this boy and I’m afraid if I tell them they can’t see each other anymore they will just sneak around behind my back.

  I have talked to my daughter about the possible consequences but I’m still afraid of what might happen.

  Queenie, how can I keep my daughter safe?—Worried mother

Dear Mother,

  You have every reason to be worried. Even if she and her boyfriend promised to stop having sex, their adolescent hormones are driving them and the odds are they would eventually break their promise.

  All you can do now is take your daughter to your family doctor and/or consult Planned Parenthood or an equivalent local organisation (online if necessary and possible) so they can learn how to control the possible outcome of their activity.