Private patient

Dear Queenie,

  A relative of mine went to work for my family doctor and I wanted to make sure they would not see my medical records so I requested that my records be kept safe in a way that my relative would not be able to see them. The doctor’s staff said they get many such requests and it would be done.

  Now my relative is making a big fuss about this, claiming they almost got fired and saying all sorts of nasty things about me.

  Queenie, how do I deal with this – and with my relative?—Private patient

Dear Patient,

  It is a good thing you requested that your records be kept safe. How could your relative know about it unless they tried unsuccessfully to access your records? Tell your family that this is standard procedure in the doctor’s office and you did not say anything about your relative to the doctor or his/her staff.

  Eventually the fuss in your family will come to an end, but your relationship with that one relative may never be the same.