Unhappy mother

Dear Queenie,

  My (second) husband and I have been married for several years, since before COVID-19, and he has been a wonderful father to my kids from my first marriage, but I’m just not in love with him anymore and I think he’s feeling the same way about me.

  Queenie, would it be a terrible thing for the kids to have to go through their mother’s second divorce?—Unhappy mother

Dear Mother,

  Before you think about getting divorced, you and your husband should do everything you can to try to fix whatever is not right in your marriage. Professional marriage counselling for both of you, separately and/or together, would help.

  If divorce becomes inevitable, you and their stepfather must do everything you can to keep it on as good terms as possible and to make your children understand that it is not happening because of anything to do with them and that both you and their stepfather will always love them.

  And I hope you and their stepfather will arrange for him to see the children at least occasionally, so they will not feel that he has abandoned them completely.