St. Maarten woman

Dear Queenie,
I recently met a man who seems to be a good, smart person that a lot of people like. However, he always wants me to do things his way and won’t listen to what I think about it.
He thinks women should stay at home and take care of the house and family and do what they are told and that they are “dirty” when they get their menstruation period.
Queenie, he says he loves me, but I am wondering if I should get in a relationship with him. What do you advise?—St. Maarten woman

Dear St. Maarten woman,
I do not advise getting into any kind of relationship with this man. He will want to boss you around and will have no respect for you, just because you are a woman. Case in point: he will think you are “dirty” whenever you have your period.
I suspect the people who like him are those who do not know him very well.

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