Older brother

Dear Queenie,
My parents both cheated on each other, but they stayed together until my sister and I were grown up and then they got divorced. My sister only knows about Mom’s affair, so she blames Mom for the divorce and doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, and Mom just bad-talks Dad and won’t tell her the truth.
I would like for my family to get along with each other so we can get together on special occasions and have a good time for a little while, or at least be civil to each other.
Queenie, should I explain to my sister about Mom’s part in their divorce?—Older brother

Dear Older brother,
Your mother probably could benefit from professional counselling, if you can first convince her that she needs it and then persuade her to actually get it.
Your sister deserves to know the whole truth about your parents’ divorce, so by all means tell her and hope she believes you. She also might benefit from counselling, because I think she will need help learning to cope with your mother’s various deceits.

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