Parents of the bride-to-be

Dear Queenie,
My daughter just got engaged but they haven’t decided yet when they will get married. Her father and I have been married for almost 30 years and we want to celebrate that special anniversary but we can’t afford a big anniversary celebration along with a big expensive wedding.
Queenie, can we ask them not to have the wedding until at least a year after our special anniversary or to pay for the wedding themselves?—Parents of the bride-to-be

Dear Parents,
Many couples have looong engagements and many pay for the wedding themselves. Talk this over with the happy couple to find out what they are planning and explain that you will not be able to help pay for their wedding if it is any time soon.
Or, you might want to consider combining the two celebrations. Somehow it seems to me that your daughter’s wedding is an appropriate anniversary gift for her parents.

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